4-4-2007: I was diagnosed with a Plasmacytoma on March 1, 2006 at age 56, after months of struggling with what I thought was a pulled hamstring. After 30 radiation treatments, my journey continued in September when my light chain counts went up instead of down and was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I spend the month of November in a fog on Thalidomide and Dex until two blood clots in my lungs along with 2 more leisions and more radiation ended the thal/dex treatment. The good news was the thal/dex significantly lowered my light chains so I began Revlimid/Dex in December. My lab reports continue to show progress. My journey now continues as I have my first “consultation” with UNC-CH for a stem cell transplant.

I want to start this blog for several reasons. First, I now have time for entries because I have taken short term disability. Second, I was helped by reading so many other blogs about their journey with MM and their treatments. Thanks to all who have shared as they have given me the real life facts on what my journey may be like. My Oncologist is great, but not forthcoming with lots of information. And third, this is a great way to share my journey with family and friends who have provided support through this disease. A great big thanks to the IMF for all their information and explanations. Without them, my wife and I wouldn’t have had a clue what MM was. By researching on IMF , reading survivors stories, and reading all of the MM Blogs, I have finally been able to fashion somewhat of a picture of what lies ahead.


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